That´s how it started...

I took this photograph in Kafountine, Senegal, because I loved the light, the surroundings, and especially this mother with her daughter. When I asked permission to take their picture, the woman asked for a present in return, so I gave her one of my postcards that were travelling with me at the time. That was back in 2008, and it took me 5 years to realize that this would make a perfect start of a series of pictures showing my artwork on it´s way around the world.

This picture has been taken somewhere along the highway between Munich and Prague in 2007. It´s called “Mohnfeld” (poppy field) and belongs to a series of landscapes in motion called “Der Weg its das Ziel” (roughly: the way is the goal, or travelling is the destination).

It´s a motive I love, and have shown in exhibitions around Europe, but it works especially well on postcards (it´s my postcard bestseller by far), and it´s usually the one people pick, when offered to choose from different postcards. This is why I love carrying the postcards around as I travel; it´s a nice way of showing my work, and great to have a small present for the wonderful people I meet on the way.

I just love to know that this pictures has been in so many places already, and I´ve created this website to show it´s journey around the world, and to invite people to participate. My vision is to have a picture from every single county in this world, and I´d love you to join the fun.

Just contact me, wherever you are, and I´ll send you a postcard. Take a picture of it in front of you favorite place in your hometown, or take it on holidays with you. I´d be thrilled to hear from you!