"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."


                                                                              - Ansel Adams

Jennifer Scales - Moved by Beauty

I love nature, travel and photography... that might be all that is needed to explain why I do what I do.

But being the kind of person who enjoys reading the "about me" texts on every website, I´ll go in for a little more detail:


When I started studying photodesign in 2003, I still thought, I´d be just a "normal" photographer once I´d got my diploma, but then I got hooked on travelling...


I fell in love with Paris when I did my practical training semester there, and used every opportunity to visit this amazing city. The day after I bought my first digital SLR, I was once again on the night bus, and started playing around with my new toy. As the light faded, and the shutter times grew longer, I started seeing the first results of capturing the motion through the landscape. You can see these in my gallery (Munich-Paris, 2005)


I was thrilled, and began to exlore the wonderful worlds of motion and blur. Needless to say; I chose experimental photography as a main subject in the remaining years of my studies, and when I did my diploma work (Der Weg ist das Ziel, 2007), it was the essence of what I had learned so far.


By that time I had already decided that the world had enough photographers for doing the "focussed" pictures, and became an artist instead. I showed my work in Munich and Slovenija (which was my favourite country at the time), and used every opportunity to travel and created photo art.


My first big solo exhibition in 2009 was so beautiful and inspiring for me and the visitors, that I knew I was on the right track. But as it traveled from location to location, I felt that this special kind of photography needed a special kind of presentation.

The Mobile Gallery was born: My campervan, in which I lived at the time became my gallery and "showroom", and I hugely enjoyed being an art gypsy for a while. (To find out more about this you can visit my blog:  http://mobile-photo-art.blogspot.de/)


In the same year, I started exploring the special aesthetics of the French high speed train TGV. Moving with race car speed through "empty lands" gave birth to a completely new series of motives, that dealt with patterns rather than with details. See some of my favourite works in "TGV 2009" and "TGV 2010" in the gallery.


Life took on a slower turn when I became a mother in 2010, and so the series you will find for 2011 is the first one that has been entirely taken while walking through the forrest of my hometown, instead of zooming through European landscapes. ("Herbst 2011")


After some quiet times with just a few exhibitions, my passion got me back on track (and back in the train) in 2013, with the new series "Railjet" and "Eurostar", and I still don´t get bored with all the beauty that I find through my lens...

I am still moved by beauty.