Original Fine Art Print on Forex 70x105 cm or 60x120 cm

Become an art collector with one of my signed and numbered original photographs!


All my works are sold as limited editions of 10 (works before and including 2008) or 5 pieces (works from 2009 on).


The presentation of my photography as fine art prints, laminated for UV protection and mounted on Forex is the original presentation I chose for my diploma work "Der Weg ist das Ziel".


Although Forex is some kind of hard foam plastic, it is one of the most sustainable forms of presentation I have found so far, as the material is energy efficient in the production process as well as easily recyclable.


The prints are intended for hanging without frame (which is the most common presentation of contemporary photography these days), but can easily be framed if you prefer that.


Each original comes with a certificate on the backside, specifying the title, year, size, presentation, number of prints... and will of course be signed and numbered.


Please note that I will have to have the pictures printed to my specifications, sent to me for inspection and certification, and will then send it on to you.

Please allow about 3 weeks for this process.


When you order, please use the "remarks" section to specify the motive you would like (you can find all the titles in the galleries). You will see that some motives are "standard photo format", these will be printed in 70x105 cm, while the panorama ones will be 60x120 cm.


I´m looking forward to welcoming you in the wonderful world of art collection.





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Poster 60x90cm or 50x100cm

Order your favourite motive as a poster!


When people in exhibitions didn´t want to buy the signed and limited original, but would ask for a poster, I used to think "Hey, this is an art exhibition, not IKEA!"... and then start thinking about the fact that I can´t even have a poster printed for the price IKEA is selling them... well, so much for the internal monologue ;-)

Actually I love the fact that people enjoy my work so much they want to own it, even though they are not "art buyers".

So that is why I offer all my motives as a poster, unlimited and unsigned, but ready to make your home more beautiful!


When ordering, please use the "remarks" section to specify the motive you would like for your poster (all the titles can be found in the galleries). You will see that some motives are "standard photo format", these will be printed in 60x90 cm, while the panorama ones will be 50x100 cm.


I´m looking forward to sending my work on it´s way into the world, and hope you will enjoy your posters.

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"Das Gold am Wegesrand" - Calendar 2018

Here comes the brand new calendar for 2018. It includes my favorite pictures created in 2017, along with two "old" ones from 2015, that I didn´t want to miss. "Das Gold am Wegesrand" could be translated as "the gold at the roadside" and refers to the unexpected treasures I find with my camera. And also to the fact that I was specifically looking out for "Goldrute" (Goldenrod) at one long trainride in summer. I really love this plant (featured on the title and on the August page), because it is always around when I take a train in late summer or autumn. Even when it´s in China ;-).

(Have a look at the title page of my 2016 calendar...)

The calendar is A3 format (approx. 30x42cm) and it´s a limited edition of 100 pieces, each one hand signed and numbered on the last page. The calendar is in German and the calendar table notes sundays and German national holidays, but I still think that the pictures work in every language. And I hope that it is an invitation to you, to enjoy the pictures, and let them remind you to find your own treasures along the way.

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